Garden Love Seat Raises The Debate on Ethics

Blue garden love seat by Winawood
Winawood weatherproof garden love seat in blue.


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This might be a bit of a long winded explanation, so I apologise in advance. I mean compared to some of the other articles this one is hardly scratching the surface.

Garden Love Seat that is Weatherproof – And So No Wood?

We are all aware that the environment hasn’t been going in the correct direction recently, with global warming and deforestation still common in some of the less known cultures of the world. A lot of this has to do with the demand for land to farm for food, but there is also a sub-demand for the use of wood in wooden furniture. A prime example of this is hardwood garden furniture, that has a bad reputation of using questionable sources for its products.

So the ethics debate on this subject is whether there is an alternative? Well you’ll be glad to hear there is, and it’s called “Winawood”, a composite furniture that’s man made but looks like wood, and by choosing a garden love seat like this you guarantee yourself enjoyment overlooking your hard gardening work for years to come (especially if it’s weatherproof like this one), whilst also saving the environment at the same time.

What are the alternatives?

Some of the modern alternatives have been touched on in recent years, and they include the new synthetic rattan furniture. This is also an alternative to a natural product, which is the traditional natural rattan furniture that used to make popular conservatory furniture in the early 19th century. The new style is weatherproof, comfortable and doesn’t degrade over time.


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